Unistone Revitalization

Montreal’s Number one choice for all residential and commercial Uni-Stone cleaning and sealing.

Our (Uni-Stone) revitalization process includes a three step process:

Heated Power Washing, cleaning of every single paver while removing all old polymeric sand and weeds.

Placing of NEW high grade polymeric sand.

Sealing of Uni-stone. Rolled on not sprayed!

Our specialists can help prolong the life of your Uni-stone, no matter what the surface. There are many factors that degrade uni-stone texture, appearance, integrity, and color. Elements such as freeze-thaw cycles, UV rays, acid rain, chlorine from pools, and de-icing salts have damaging effects. Stains from vehicles, barbecues, paints, and rusts are also harmful to pavers. Provincial’s sealing techniques will greatly prolong the lifespan of your uni-stone.